Quicksilver Daydream is an experimental psychedelic-folk band led by Adam Lytle. Their recordings combine brooding, surrealistic lyrics with a nebulous mix of mellotron strings, woozy synthesizers, soaring guitars, and reverberating vocals. The band draws from a deep pool of influences, owing as much to early psychedelic pioneers Pearls Before Swine and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, as they do to the compositions of Ennio Morricone and Baudelaire.

Like the true innovators of Psychedelia, Quicksilver Daydream looks beyond tradition, creating a modern sound awash in electronic oscillations and rhythmic evocations. Employing both the mechanical and mythical, the band paints sweeping, symbolic landscapes, conjuring worlds that vibrate between the hallucinatory and nostalgic.

Formed in 2016 as a DIY recording project, the Brooklyn-based band released their debut LP Echoing Halls in June 2017. A collection of songs the press called “a web of folk grace and psych theatricality, a spinning whirlwind of gothic intentions and languid melodies” (Pickard, Nooga.com) and “a tour-de-force psychedelic outing…tinged with glimpses of sunshine” (Matteo, ScenesMedia.com).

When it came to interpreting the songs live, Lytle enlisted long-time collaborators, Brett Banks (Bass), Cole Emoff (Drums), and Joey Deady (Lead Guitar). Having cut their teeth together in the band Wild Leaves, their sound crystallized immediately. Tough, tight and together.

In the fall of 2017, Quicksilver Daydream announced the follow-up EP, A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame (Out February 9). Five-songs recorded live to tape using Lytle’s Tascam 388. Joining them along the way was synth wizard, Glenn Forsythe (Dark North). The record was mixed by Lytle and Mastered by TW Walsh (Foxygen, Damien Jurado).

Where their debut examined the inner workings of the psyche, A Thousand Shadows, A Single Flame is consumed with what lies beyond. From the expanded sonic palette, incorporating drum machines and analog synthesizers, to the energy conveyed via musicians performing live, it’s clear the band has directed its magnetic gaze outward, exploding the concept of their previous recordings on their journey towards a new horizon. It’s a step through the looking glass, a transcendental experience of the world viewed not as it is, but as it feels to be.